Four Basic Legal Agreements


I have studied the businesses of coaches and I know that there are four basic legal agreements that every coaching business NEEDS. I also know that no two coaching businesses are alike and that each agreement needs to be tailored to meet your unique needs.
This offering combines the simplicity of templates with customization from competent legal counsel who knows and cares about your business.
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The Four Basic Legal Agreements Every Coach Needs

  • Will you be sued in the coming year for something that was not your fault?
  • Could you afford to lose a major portion of your income or overlook a vital component that should be covered in your contract?
  • Do you have a limitation of liability clause that will protect you from an excess judgment?
  • An excess judgment will threaten your assets and crush your life as you now know it.

Peace of mind and Protection: Your contracts will be tailored to you and your business and will address your particular needs. Included in the price is up to one hour with me to customize the coach-client services agreement. (Most general business lawyers charge between $250-$500 per hour! And, that is just to talk to you!)

A firewall of protection: Imagine a moat protecting a castle. That is what this will do for you and your business, reputation and assets.

With your order you will receive:

  • A link to my online calendar for scheduling a private 60 minute conference ($375 value)
  • A templated Coaching Services Agreement with instructions and commentary
  • A templated Multimember Operating Agreement for an LLC
  • A templated Independent Contractor Agreement with Virtual Assistants with instructions and comments
  • A templated Joint Venture Coaching Services Agreement

Look, I know what you are thinking – can’t I just download it off the web?? Well, I know coaches pull contracts off the web, off self-help sites and off Google. IT IS A HUGE MISTAKE – what works for some businesses in some states is probably not a good document for you! Those very coaches who pulled their contracts off the web – CAN YOU GUESS HOW I KNOW THEM?

That’s right – they came to me when a court would not enforce their agreement, or worse, their agreement had them traveling across country at their expense to vindicate their claims. In some instances, they got sued or their clients walked away after receiving thousands of dollars’ worth of coaching without paying for it!


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