Getting ready for your next or even first event? In my last post, I shared information on indemnification as it relates to hotel contracts. If you missed part one on indemnity, you can read it here. Some additional items to consider in that hotel contract are as follows.


The typical hotel event contract requires you as the host to carry at least one million dollars in general liability insurance and also typically asks that you add the hotel as an additional insured under your policy.

Aside from the fact that they do not want the injury to increase their premium rate, they know that if they are on your policy as an additional insured, your insurance carrier who will be defending you will be unable to look to the hotel as the culprit. This is because insurance law, in general, disallows an insurer from making a claim against its own insured for claims it pays out on the insured’s behalf.

Overlook this provision at your peril. You don’t want the hotel calling you in default of the agreement and cancelling your event at the 11th hour because you ignored the insurance clause. In a future post, I will be talking about revenue commitments.


It makes no economic sense to invest money, time and effort in putting on an event and not hire experienced counsel to review the agreement to make sure you are covered. We are trained to look for and proactively solve problems.

If you are getting ready to put on an event, before you sign the contract, have it looked at. You will be glad you did.

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