Last week I related a lawyer’s elevator speech that destroyed a chance of a new connection with me. Read more about it here.

How could the interaction have been different? Well, there are three steps to be employed when developing rapport instantly – and none of those were present in the elevator speech.

Step 1

Remember to ask permission first before we do anything. Now it does not have to be a formal request – but we do need to remember that those we interact with casually have a billion other things going through their minds and may not want to engage in anything other than a superficial “how’s it going” dialogue, not really wanting to know the answer to the question. And so, if when I asked her (the lawyer in the elevator) what she did, if she had said simply, “I am a divorce lawyer, I have a unique approach – would you like to hear about it?” Chances are I would have said sure, and meant it. This would have accomplished two things:

  1. She would have my permission to tell me more detail than I may have otherwise been expecting, and
  2. Having committed to hearing about it, I would have felt obligated to actually listen and learn about her unique approach.

Step 2

Remember that conversations are a two way street. She might have asked about me and I would have remembered that she cared enough to learn about my practice too. I would have viewed her as a reciprocal referral partner and would be more likely to accept her invitation to connect deeper which is step 3.

Step 3

Make a date to chat by phone or email to learn more about each other when there is more time – other than the 30 second elevator ride. I would learn more about her divorce law practice and she would learn more about my commercial litigation practice and my budding transactional practice for business and life coaches. We may have found that our clients and target clients travel in the same circles and then, instead of just a business card to get tossed on my desk, I would have a meaningful contact and so would she.

When we step away from elevator speeches we open the opportunity to develop meaningful referral relationships. Try it next time. You just might make a friend for life.

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