Gene Policastri is a practicing attorney who has litigated, drafted and negotiated contract terms for over twenty-eight years. He graduated from Tulane Law School in 1989 and has practiced law continuously ever since.

Gene is in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. He has developed a unique niche among lawyers – he focuses his practice on serving the needs of business coaches and life coaches to the community nationwide. He is a frequent speaker at coaching events and has delivered informational webinars to a number of International Coach Federation (ICF) chapters in the past year.


"I want to thank you, Gene. You’ve raised our consciousness and increased our awareness about how important it is for us to be "graciously secure" and that we need your expertise. This is not something that I thought about prior to your presentation. It’s so good for you to bring this material to coaches—especially our beloved ICF St. Louis chapter! Please let us know about any future presentations you might make. "

ICF St. Louis – Nicki McClusky

"As President of the ICF Gulf Coast Chapter, we are always looking for ways to education and inform our members. With over 100 members, our education needs are as diverse as the coaching practices of our coaches. Gene Policastri is an experienced lawyer specializing in business world that coaches encounter daily. He helped our coaches understand the areas of concern every coach should have in their contractual relationships with clients and/or their sponsoring employers. Gene did a great job of helping our members understand the potential liabilities coaches face, and how to mitigate them, and minimize our exposure. The legal aspects of our work is normally a pretty dry subject... but Gene kept us engaged the entire hour. His talents and this workshop are a real fit for any executive, business, personal or life coach, regardless of how your experience or credentials."

ICF Gulf Coast – Craig Juengling

"Gene Policastri presented an outstanding Master Teleclass to ICF Georgia that was informative, engaging and highly interactive. He provided practical advice that aligned with ICF Core Competencies and our coaches were very appreciative for his knowledge and expertise."

ICF Georgia – Kim Schofield, Program Director

In serving the ICF community he has noticed that most traditional law firm approaches to have left coaches and entrepreneurs inadequately protected. Most coaching contracts fall into one of two problematic categories: 1. the contract leaves the coach unprotected or 2. the coach is in an overly aggressive stance with his or her clients.

It is Gene’s mission to bring realistic protections to contracts for the coaching community.

He is reaching out to coaches all around the nation to help them get contracts that are both enforceable and clear for their clients. Gene also focuses on providing practical business advice to help coaches and consultants navigate the various issues that arise in a day to day coaching or consulting business.


"Gene presented at ICFWA lunchtime learning. Before the presentation I believe writing my own contract would cover and protect my interests. During the presentation Gene explained what was needed in a contract as well as the ‘why’ behind the need. Now I know the importance of having a lawyer who understands the coaching business look over my contracts. Gene was very informative and practical while opening our eyes to the importance of having professional help writing a contract."

ICF Washington State – Lisa Roy

"We were delighted to have Gene Policastri present the webinar, The Four Legal Agreements Every Coach Needs to Know, to our North Florida ICF chapter members. Having an attorney with such a deep understanding and experience in the coaching industry was another important facet of helping our chapter bring professionalism to coaching. He had our interest from the "get go" as he shared key practical tips to make coaching agreements clear and protect your business. Gene is a valuable legal resource to our industry. Thank you, Gene!"

ICF North Florida – Dale Beaman, PCC, Beaman Coaching & Company, LLC, Program Co-Chair

"I had the opportunity to participate in the ICF-CT sponsored webinar presented by Gene, titled "Contracting for Coaches". I was guilty of using the "hand me down" agreements that other coaches had shared with me. After learning from Gene’s overview I understood how I was leaving myself open to risk. Gene’s style is down to earth, easy to understand, and thorough while explaining the importance of having a clear scope of services and the parameters for an effective coaching agreement. It was great to meet an attorney who understands the coaching practice and was also one himself. I engaged Gene to support me to create agreements which were appropriate for my coaching practice. Now I have confidence that I am using agreements which serve myself and my clients. I highly recommend Gene!"

ICF Connecticut – Pam DeLise, CPC, ELI-MP, Founder | President

"Gene Policastri knows how to meet his client’s needs. He normally offers a webinar to coaching groups who may be interested in learning what they don’t know about contracts and agreements, but when he heard that our website only supported podcasts, he quickly customized what he normally does, and led a 60 minute call for our members. We had the best registration ever for a "Marketing Monday" call, and many members who couldn’t make the call, checked in later to hear the podcast. Gene was engaging, shared the reasons behind his recommendations and cordially took questions from individuals who had special issues or concerns. His delightful assistant, Laurie Ward, made sure we were all on the same page meeting each other’s requirements. As a Program Chairman, I cannot say enough about this presenter’s style and presentation. It is rare to find a lawyer with knowledge and sensitivities for those who have a coaching business!"

ICF Tennesee – Pat White, Master Certified Coach and founder of ICF-TN