Hi there, I’m Gene and I’m a business lawyer.

Don’t be afraid, I won’t bite. On the contrary, I’m here to help you and your business.

I have a general litigation practice right outside of Washington, DC that focuses on delivering legal services to business owners and life coaches. During the 25+ years of experience as a lawyer, I’ve represented a large number of business owners draft, negotiate, and resolve business disputes.

My passion is to help business owners secure their assets by establishing customized legal agreements for their businesses.

I work closely with both business owners and coaches to lock in rock solid corporate documents, client contracts, joint-venture agreements, media rights agreements, intellectual property agreements and much, much more.

You might be asking yourself why you need some fancy, schmancy legal papers to run your business.

The answer is simple. We all know a solid, well drafted contract helps bring on new clients, keeps expectations where they need to be, and keeps disputes down to a minimum. Plus you need the benefit of being able to sleep at night knowing you, your business, your assets as well as your money is legally protected. Am I right?

So what does that mean for you?

It means you get a lawyer who understands both you and your business. It was just a few years ago that I sought my own coach to help me with my law practice. I found a real attraction to the coaching profession. The connection was so strong that I began to focus my law practice on the needs of coaches, mentors, healers, and other in the personal development community.

I now deliver my legal services in a specialized format combining one-on-one time to customize various contract templates that I’ve developed specifically for the needs of coaches.

One of my packages, the Four Basic Legal Agreements, includes a coaching/client agreement and several templates coaches find useful and beneficial as they grow their practices.

Do you have questions about how I can help your business? Schedule a FREE call with me to go over your specific needs.